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Ms. Nichole's Inc.

Online Payments
Please use the Smartcare mobile app or the Smartcare web portal.
-Thank You
Child services are prepaid weekly. Payments are due on Friday for care services on the following Monday through Friday.
If you decide to take your child out of the program for whatever reason, a 2 week written notice is required. You are responsible to pay your regular weekly rate, whether or not you continue to bring your child in, for the remaining 2 weeks. At the end of the finial 2 weeks any positive balance will be refunded.
If your child is terminated from the program. Partial weeks are not refunded. Any positive balance as of the next following Monday after the termination date will be refunded.
Military Child Care assistance
​Ms. Nichole's Inc. accepts Military Child Care assistance though NACCRRA & CHILD CARE AWARE OF AMERICA. For more information, visit:
and stop by MNI for your tour!
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